A year of change.

Welcome to the new home of digital on- and offboarding

Whippy has been a reseller of Typelane since 2019. In January this year we acquired the company. Why? Well, after trialing LMS and HR platforms across the Nordics in search for the perfect onboarding solution we always came back to Typelane. It was, without doubt, the tech that best facilitated a state-of-the-art onboarding and offboarding journeys for Managers and employees. 

Having worked operatively in the platform for nearly four years, our list was long of developments and ideas to enhance the service. We combined these with the input we got from you: customers and partners around the globe. For the past ten months, we've prioritised updates at the top of the list:
  1. GDPR/data integrity: Moved to data warehousing centers in Sweden (ISO 27001 - Information Security Management), and exchanged distribution sub-processors (e-mail and SMS) to German and Swedish providers. Even though we're a small player in the market - we decided we want to be leaders in the field of data integrity within HR Tech.
  2. Platform developments (see video tutorial below):
  • New features such as "Journey breakdown" and "Task statistics" to help you extract detailed data.
  • Bundling e-mails: Managers with many onboardees will get bundled e-mails with grouped messages.
  • Enhanced Manager and Employee Portals: making it easier for Managers to follow their onboarded's journey and adding personalisation elements. 
On top of this we've continued to be at the forefront of trends, research and developments in the field of on- and offboarding. Our Christmas gift to you is therefore this "smörgåsbord" of content to hopefully inspire you in the year to come. Stay tuned for more tech updates!

Enjoy and thank you for sticking with us through these months of change. We look forward to strengthening our collaboration in the new year!

Merry Christmas!
The Whippy team

Christmas give-aways:

2023/24 Onboarding Trend Report

How do we summarise the Onboarding year of 2023 and what's around the corner. We've look at global trends, our own data and asked our onboarding network. Download here!

Whippy Insights - Data & Metrics

What and how should you measure onboarding? We've developed standardised metrics to help clients evaluate and continuously improve. Download our metrics paper.

Offboarding DIY [Swedish]

Launch a digital offboarding in 2024 to align the first and last impression. Here's how! Typelane allows you to easily set up a digital process. Klick here to read more. 

Platform developments - demo

Here's a summary of the technical developments made in 2023.
Book a meeting for a detailed go-through! (paulin@whippy.se)