Onboarding through scaleup

Why post-recruiting is your most important HR strategy 2022

The cost of losing an employee in the onboarding phase is massive. But it may be the price you’ll pay if your scaleup hasn’t set a strategy on how to digitally integrate a new employee and support the hiring Manager. 

According to a global onboarding study (one of the few out there), conducted by Kasper Ulf Nielsen and Christian Harpelund, an efficient onboarding should address three parameters:  

1.         A new hire needs to be formed into the culture and rules of the organization

2.         The new hire should get help building an internal network with cross-functional POC’s

3.         The employer should secure that the new hire can develop to deliver high value performance. 

This doesn’t happen overnight. Not even in two, three or five weeks. And yet, most onboarding journeys are short. Too short. 

The data from Whippy’s onboarding shows how engagement can shift throughout the first year in the business. What we can see, though, is how a structured and holistic approach to onboarding can increase loyalty, productivity and leadership – areas that play a key role in employee retention and driving efficiency.  

So, from our knowledge, what are five things scaleups should ensure in their onboarding journey? 

1.         Build a mirrored employee and Manager journey. This helps support all Managers to deliver best-in-class experiences to all new recruits.

2.         Keep hybrid in mind when creating your digital onboarding process. Digital should encourage and facilitate offline conversations – not replace them.

3.         Prioritize discussions on context and content before platform of choice.

4.         Have an agile approach to measuring. Better to start early and tweak along the way than to lose valuable data.

5.         Base your content strategy on: How to secure employee expectations are met; empowering leadership and; learning and development.

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